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When it comes to the art of telling tales, Jim Thompson had it pegged. ?There are 32 ways to write a story,? the noir author famously observed, ?but only one plot: Things are not as they seem.? The story of Neko Case, similarly, could be told a number of different ways; but the facts, as always, yield only a part of the truth.

There is the basic, by now familiar biographical arc: Case?s childhood in Washington State, art school in Vancouver, her early baptism into the world of country and gospel music, and contemporary gigs in distaff punk trios Maow and Cub, as well as a longer (and ongoing) stint in powerhouse Canadian pop group the New Pornographers. Since the late ?90s, however, the bulk of Case?s energies have been devoted to a thriving solo career. Following three critically lauded studio albums, 1997?s The Virginian, 2000?s Furnace Room Lullaby, and 2002?s masterful Blacklisted; a quietly potent kitchen-recorded EP, Canadian Amp; and last year?s brilliantly conceived concert ...


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