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The Robocop Kraus

Thomas Lang vocals, guitars 

Matthias Wendl guitars 

Tobias Helmlinger bass 

Markus Steckert organ/keyboards 

Hans Christian Fuss drums 


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The Robocop Kraus

THE ROBOCOP KRAUS were formed by Thomas Lang, Matthias Wendl, Johannes Uschalt and Roman Maul in Hersbruck (Nuremberg) in 1998. The line-up changed shortly afterwards when Maul left the band to be replaced by Tobias Helmlinger on Bass and Markus Steckert joined on the Organ. Their first release followed shortly
afterwards: a Split 12" from the band The Cherryville, appeared on Swing Deluxe Records, a label founded by Uschalt and Lang. Studio time of 3 days had to be enough, the songs were in the bag after only seven rehearsals.

After the first German Tour (with the small band Yage) the band released their first full length album (again onSwing Deluxe). The Vinyl-only release Inferno
Nihilistique 2000 is, according to the band, a concept album about the impending end of the world. The positive response of the European press was intensified by copious tours through Germany, France and Spain. The self produced video to the song Poor Soul Relax, which appeared on the Swing Deluxe Compilation Achtung Autobahn, was shown on VIVA 2. Instead of resting on their laurels, at the beginning of 2001 the band released
a new album. Tiger, which was released on the Czech Underground Label Day After Records, was the first worldwide release of the band and was a combination of everything the early ROBOCOP KRAUS was. A US-American underground and British post punk sound with, poise, daring and an obvious love to play music. The band subsequently went on tour through Germany, France, Holland, The Czech Republic, Poland, England and Ireland. A year later a double-CD Compilation followed with the title "As Long As We Dance We Are Not
Dead", which consisted of the rare and unreleased material and songs from the meanwhile sold out Infern...



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