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Some Girls

Justin Pearson Bass 

Wes Eisold Vocals 

Rob Moran Guitar 

Chuck Rowell Guitar 

Sal Gallegos Drums 


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Some Girls

"Basically, we wanted to brutalize people and have each song punch people in the face and not let up until they were choking on their own blood. None of this eyeliner-wearing, cupcake shit 'just putting listeners; open ears on the curb and stomping on their heads." Sal Gallegos, Some Girls

The above is good an intro as any to Some Girls, a five-piece unit of punk pedigree hailing from San Diego, California. Sure, the group is comprised of the creme de le crass of musicians from the city?s famed hardcore/punk underground, but that's not really the most important thing about Some Girls. Juicy quotes and name checks of the influential groups Some Girls, members have played in (the Locust, American Nightmare, Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Unbroken) are fine and good, but all you really need to do to understand what Some Girls are about is to listen to their music?if you can handle it.

With Heaven's Pregnant Teens, Some Girls, first release on Epitaph Records, the group has honed its white knuckled assault down to 25 minutes of unrelenting musical psychosis while adding new dimensions of brutality to their now-trademark thrash attack. Throughout the album?s thirteen tracks, complex time changes invert riffs on their heads as layers of guitars trample each other before spreading out into electrified tendrils. Bassist Justin Pearson's fuck fuzz-soaked bass and drummer Sal Gallegos' unremitting percussive attack provide a manic backdrop to singer Wes Eisold?s frantic caged dog vocal assailments. In short, it's a musical mindfuck. From the cannon shot intro of the album?s crushing opener ?Beautiful Rune? to the death drone of its nine-minute closing suite ?Deathwish,? Heaven?s Pregnant Teens is a document of five twis...



Some Girls
Heaven's Pregnant Teens

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