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One of the most critically acclaimed and best-selling independent hip-hop artists of this era, Lyrics Born is not the type to sit still. While recording his fourth solo album, completing new projects, and making decisions at Quannum Projects, he still averaged over 150 sold-out shows a year. He's a whirlwind.

"Everything is kinda happening all at once all the time. You're kinda being bombarded," says hip-hop's premier multi-tasker. "The challenge for me is this: How can I keep myself inspired and entertained? How can I go in different directions yet still be entertaining to more people than before?"

Everywhere At Once is not just the title of Lyrics Born's most accomplished record to date, it's an answer to all of his questions. In an age of narrowcasting and niche marketing, the new record reflects LB's determination to follow his own muse wherever it will lead him. "I stuck to my guns," he says on the trunk-busting opener, "Don't Change". "I'm about the funk."

His breakthrough solo debut, Later That Day, was a huge indie seller and one of the top 5 most critically acclaimed American hip-hop records of 2003 alongside Jay-Z's The Black Album and Outkast's Love Below/Speakerboxxx. With the release of Everywhere At Once, rapper/producer Lyrics Born finds himself part of a new vanguard of hip-hop artists like Gnarls Barkley, M.I.A., and Kanye West who are pushing the edge with compelling yet instantly accessible sounds.

Everywhere At Once reveals the full breadth and depth of his skill and vision: minimalist grooves, reimagined electro, East Bay greasy funk, devoluted punk, futurist dancehall, postmodern blues, tomorrow's slappers. He's an artist who is not interested in the limits set by the market or even his...



Lyrics Born
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