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Pete Philly & Perquisite

So, when was the last time a hip-hop record caught you by surprise? And what about the last time you heard a concept album you genuinely loved? Combining the talents of two of Amsterdam's most promising hip-hop prodigies, Pete Philly and Perquisite's 'Mindstate', is an album in the finest tradition of trailblazing acts like Blackalicious, Ty and Common Sense.

Soulful, ambitious, thought provoking and brimming with musicality, 'Mindstate' is the fruit of 18 months worth of labour by MC Pete Philly and producer Perquisite, two of The Netherlands' most talented hip-hop ingénues. These men not only merge hiphop with styles as insanely disparate as soul, 60's psychedelica, classical music and broken beat, they actually make it sound effortless. On 'Mindstate', Pete and Perq marshall help not only from vocalists Senna, Cee Major (The Proov) and Jazz musicians Jesse van Ruller (winner of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Competition / Washington 1995) and Benjamin Herman (winner of the Wessel Icken Prize in 1991, Edison Award in 2000), but also from none other than Talib Kweli, who didn't hesitate to declare Pete Philly & Perquisite to be 'musically (...) light years ahead of the game'.

Perquisite started to create hip-hop-beats in 1996 at age 14, using Fasttracker on his mum's PC. However, playing the cello since he was eight years old, he had always been involved with all kinds of music and later on he started to merge elements of his classical background into his creation of beats. His musical journey led him from travelling through the U.S. on his own as a youngster, to starting up his label Unexpected Records, and collaborating with everyone from accomplished Jazz-musicians like Benjamin Herman to producing tracks...



Pete Philly & Perquisite


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