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Choking Victim

Stza Vocal & 666 

Ezra Guitat, Vocals 

Skwert Drums, Vocals 

Shayne Bass, Vocals 

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Choking Victim

"I'm not an Anarchist. I'm an Autonomist and an Atheist. I wonder if there's a way I can make that into one word. Atheotonomist. I use Satan as a metaphor for my Atheism. Also, I really do dig the décor; the Goat of Mendez. Lick the hoof. Get down and lick the hoof, America. There's some beautiful art associated with Satan."

"Crack Rocksteady is Choking Victim's style of music. It's Rocksteady Ska, but we got crust, the punk the metal, the political fucking rhetoric, and the satanic point of view. So we kinda like to picture a bunch of rude boys with crack pipes dancing super fast to C.V.'s ska, you know what I mean? It's that crack Rocksteady beat. You know bands have little gimmicks and bands have little slogans. That's one of ours. Maybe it'll catch on. In 10 years, maybe, some band will say, "We're trying to go for a crack Rocksteady kind of sound.""

"Squatting...It's when you go to an abandoned building and live in it. I guess any abandoned place. It doesn't have to be fucked up looking. You could have a nice squat. You could have a garden. You could have electricity, running water, heat. Whatever you can pirate. Whatever you can steal, it's yours, and then you're a squatter."

Choking Victim's been around five years. If you want to know more - their music tells it all.


Choking Victim
No Gods, No Managers

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