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Burning Heads

Burning Heads really started as a band back in 1988, from the split of other groups that were playing fast fucked and furious punk rock and New York style hardcore in their native town of Orleans, France. After countless appearances on split singles, singles of their own and compilations, they released their first eponymous album in December 1992. The self-titled album was produced by Donnel Cameron from Bad Religion and released on Semetery records.

Play It Again Sam signed the band then and their second opus, "Dive," recorded with Jack Endino in Paris (Soundgarden, Nirvana) was released in October 1994. The band definitely set their own standard with the "Dive" album, and got international recognition.

Remember '95/96 "Nuclear winters are cool?" French President Chirac had nothing better to do than creating mushroom clouds over the bright skies of the Pacific atolls. Burning Heads announced the release of their third album "Super Modern World," "if the French nuclear bullshit does not destroy the planet first, that is". Eventually our planet was spared and the world could enjoy those catchy speed rock tunes played live during numerous gigs all around France with bands such as NOFX, Bad religion, Propaghandi, Les Thugs, Noir Desir, Down By Law, and even Canada with Ten Foot Pole.

In 1997, The band's manager started his own label, Filox records in order to put out a Burning Heads compilation. But don't be fooled: this compilation is the complete antithesis of your average "best of" record: The "Weightless Hits" album regroups all the B-sides and 'not-so-known' songs that were released on 7" by the band over the years. The aim of the compilation was to make those songs available to everyone who could not get...



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