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U.S. Roughnecks

Mike Hennessey Vocals 

Big Jay Bass 

Mike G. Rhythm Guitar 

Kemal Lead Guitar 

Gabe Van Dyke Drums 

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U.S. Roughnecks

If you're sick of all the whiny emo shit that gets lumped in with punk these days, then the U. S. ROUGHNECKS are your remedy. Serving up punk the way it was meant to be played -- rabidly, rapidly and proficiently -- this forceful, guttural five-piece from Sacramento, California is one of the last authentic American hardcore units left in existence.

"We're all about bringing the toughness back to punk," says bassist Big Jay, who also doubles as a member of Lars Frederiksen's other band, the Bastards. "Fuck that wimpy shit, get some balls and play some rock & roll."

And with the U.S. ROUGHNECKS' Hellcat debut, Twenty Bucks and Two Black Eyes, these cats get right to the claw. As rugged and uncompromising as the title suggests, the disc explores frontman Mike Hennessey's troubled youth ("Summer of '96"), celebrates the 'Necks' hometown scene ("Sacto's Alright") and flips the bird at local law enforcement ("Serve And Protect.")

Founded as the Knuckleheads back in '97 by chief throat Hennessey, the band assumed their second and current moniker when Jay joined the band that same year. After toiling it out in the mostly healthy Sacramento punk scene over the last half-decade, the group endured a couple of member changes before the Twenty Bucks line-up was solidified. Bolstered by the spine rattling potency of Jay's four-string, the power of kitman Gabe Van Dyke and the blistering tones of guitarists Mike G. and Kemal, the U.S. ROUGHNECKS' sonics are an ideal match for Mike's raging vocals.

"Some of the songs are about streetfighting and getting arrested," Jay says of Hennessey's hard-hearted lyrics. "Mikey has quite a few issues with the cops. They fucked with him a lot and he had a really rough time growing up...



U.S. Roughnecks
Twenty Bucks And Two Black Eyes

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