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Bouncing Souls

Greg Attonito Vocals 

Michael McDermott Drums 

Papillon Bass 

The Pete Guitars 


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12/16/2007Lean On Sheena

12/16/2007The Pizza Song


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Bouncing Souls

The Bouncing Souls have never been in the New Yorker. The NJ band that has been kicking their singular brand of angular punk-anthems for upwards of 15 years now, are not necessarily what you would classify as critical darlings, but they have something more tangible. The boys have an arsenal of songs that no one in the North East corridor can deny, tracks like Sing Along Forever, Kate Is Great, or The Freaks, The Nerds, And The Romantics are as potent as anything to come up from the NJ boardwalks. All offer a glimpse of the spark that makes The Bouncing Souls such a cultural enigma; their simple straight-ahead love of the live set and steadfast dedication to their rabid devotees.

Frontman Greg Attonito expands, "We started as a live band playing basements, bars, parties, and clubs to anyone who cared. Over the years we?ve made records, toured the world over, met so many people and created countless memories together. Through it all, the live show has remained the essence of The Bouncing Souls.?

The Bouncing Souls have been a band longer than some of their fans have been alive. That?s quite a statement to make in these times of no-hit wonders, sub-genres here and gone before you can name them, complete musical saturation?and quite a story to tell.

Officially the band names 1987 as it?s start?a vague reference to the first time the original members jammed together in high school, and perhaps when the name came about. Nothing of note happened until at least 1991 when the band moved to New Brunswick, NJ to live in the ghetto and try to make the big time. When no one would give them a show, they put on their own shows in their basement or yard. When no one would put out their record, they started their own labe...



Bouncing Souls
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