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Brand New

Jesse Lacey Vocals 

Vin Accardi Guitar 

Brian Lane Drums 

Garrett Tierney Bass 

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Brand New

The Biography of BRAND NEW for Deja Entendu

There you are, then. The seen-it-all journalist with a tepid cup of coffee, the radio DJ with all of your songs predetermined by a computer, the major label A&R guy trying to extort this band from their current contract, or maybe the buyer for a retail store who has to figure out how many copies of yet another act might be downloaded on Itunes for ten bucks. Really though, you haven't got time for this shit. Why should you give a crap about Brand New's bio?

Hell if we know. It's really not Rocket Science: 1) Band forms with limited skills and vast desires. 2) Band records first album, then loses the hard drive containing it, then re-records their charming yet fumbling debut (Your Favorite Weapon, just so you don't have to look it up). 3) Band gets in a van and doesn't come home for 14 months, somehow learning to play their instruments and matching skills to said desires, hitting tours with everyone from Finch to Dashboard Confessional to Taking Back Sunday. 4) Band ends YFW with a New York show to over 5,000 kids and proceeds to procrastinate writing new songs until. 5) Band enters studio with producer Steven Haigler (Pixies, Quicksand, Local H) who is not amused, causing tension heretofore unseen in the history of recording. 6) Bassist Garrett Tierney's car is stolen in day two of recording. Seriously. 7) Band creates stellar yet still fumbling sophomore album, much to the amusement of their management team, who had thought them just plain mad at this point. 8) Band ignores music industry, puts head down and goes out on tour again.

Deja Entendu is the sound of Brand New painting itself out of a corner. Their first album hit hard with 50,000 buyers who took the time ...



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