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12/16/2007Golden Times

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The Lost Patrol

"There's so many singer-songwriter people out there," says Dennis Lyxzn. "They're all super good at singing, and everything they do sounds really clean and super-tight and professional --- and really boring. I wanted to do a singer-songwriter record that was more Black Flag than Simon & Garfunkel."

For those already familiar with Lyxzn's high-energy work with groundbreaking Swedish punks Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, the acoustic-based Songs About Running Away --- The Lost Patrol's followup to 1998's Songs In The Key of Resistance --- will probably come as a major shock. But when creative impulses collide with deep emotions, sometimes a person simply doesn't have a choice in the matter.

"I wasn't looking to do a Lost Patrol album," says Lyxzn. "I wasn't like, 'I want to do something different!' It's more like, something happened that made me want to do this record." Seeking solace in the aftermath of a bad breakup, Lyxzn found himself writing songs that were more personal than anything he'd ever sung before. "I was put in a situation where the only thing I could do was play acoustic guitar and try to express, try to make some sense of the mess I was in," he says. "I demoed a bunch of the songs, and a friend of mine said, 'You should actually record this and try to put it out there.'"

At first, Lyxzn wasn't sure that he actually wanted to make his new material available for public consumption. "When I first started writing these songs, I wrote them all specifically for one person, and one person alone," he says. "But then I figured, there's other people out there that have been through similar experiences, and hopefully they can find strength, or relate to the fact that everyone goes thro...



The Lost Patrol
Songs About Running Away
Burning Heart

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