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Bombshell Rocks

Richard Guitar 

Thomas Drums 

Marten Vocals 

Mathias Bass 

Christian Guitar 

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Bombshell Rocks

With their debut release Street Art Gallery in 1999, the Swedish five-piece Bombshell Rocks showed the world what punk rock should sound like. Working in the same vein as Stiff Little Fingers and Rancid, the band came up with an aggressive and vital sound that managed to shake the cobwebs off the punk rock formula. Now, without missing a beat the Bombshell Rocks return fire with City Rats and Alleycats, an album ripe with 12 sweaty new tunes of pulse pounding punk rock panic.

In between a hectic touring schedule that kept the band on the road for 30 weeks straight, Bombshell Rocks managed to recorded City Rats and Alley Cats. Working at Sound lab Studios in Örebro, Sweden, the band once again teamed up with producer and Millencolin guitarist Mathias Färm. On this new album the band pushes their punchy punk sound further than ever before.

Launching off with the explosive "21st Century Riot", and landing 11-spine crackin' tunes later with the anthemic "20 Days", "Cityrats is relentless rocket ride form beginning to end. On the insta-classic Unstoppable, lead singer Martin belts out "Have you ever had the feeling, no on can bring you down? Today I feel unstoppable, accompanied by that explosive sound..." summing up the bands approach and the sing along feel that is City Rats And Ally Cats.


Bombshell Rocks
From Here And On
Burning Heart

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