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No Fun At All

Kjell Drums 

Christer Guitar 

Steven Guitar 

Mikael Bass 

Ingemar Vocals 

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No Fun At All

No Fun At All Since the debut-MCD release of "Vision" in 1993, Sweden's premier hardcore pop-punkers NO FUN AT ALL has grow into a tight, intensive and frantic mean killing machine. Something which has been proved on hard-exercised tours all across the globe.

Back in 1993, little did anyone expect that out of Skinnskatteberg, a small Swedish town of 4 000 inhabitants would arise a band that was soon to pave way for a Swedish punk and hardcore 'boom' and that would soon even be hailed, praised and 'adopted' in Southern California - the #1 stronghold for melodic punk.

Started out by main-songwriter, guitarist and AC/DC fanatic Micke Danielsson, NO FUN AT ALL
(named after a tongue-in-check mixture of the Sex Pistols song "No Fun" and Sick of it all's name), surprisingly managed to get out of the kindergarten very quickly. This despite being not especially serious or dedicated at first, things changed very quickly when Burning Heart Records (as one of the labels very first releases), decided to release the "Vision" single. Originally meant to be an 'hope-we-can-sell-all of them' initial press of 1 000 copies, the single has since gone on to sell an amazing +25 000 copies (not bad for a debut EP). Safe to say it totally paved way for what was later to come, both in success for NFAA as for Burning Heart and the whole Swedish hardcore/punk explosion that followed.

Today, six years later, with three albums and one single/EP compilation available (the above mentioned "No straight angles" 1994, "Out Of Bounds" 1995, "The Big Knockover" 1997 and "EP's Going Steady" 1998), and with album sales of +200 000 to boast with, NFAA has become an established unit all over the world. A band that now definitely got a place in th...



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