a Epitaph Records: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave vocals, piano, organ, harmonica, percussion 

Mick Harvey guitar, bass, vocals, drums, organ, percussion, string arrangements, piano 

Thomas Wydler drums, percussion 

Martyn P. Casey bass 

Conway Savage piano, vocals, organ 

Warren Ellis violin, bouzouki, mandolin, accordion, flute 

Jim Sclavunos drums, percussion, vocals, organ 

James Johnston organ, guitar 


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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Maybe there's just a feeling something is missing. It's hard to pin down, difficult to articulate; a matter of lying in bed at night, kept awake by a mysterious yearning for more Wallace Stevens quotes set to low-down combustible grooves. Maybe it's a sudden desire to hear words like "myxamatoid" and "spraddle" deployed in popular music instead of the usual galaxies of moons and Junes, or a craving to listen to songs that coerce the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Valerie Solanas and Harry Houdini into interesting new poses. Or maybe it's just the instinctive knowledge that it's time for a new album from Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - who else can be relied upon during days like these?

Finding new ways to be the Bad Seeds is an ongoing mission for Nick Cave and his confreres and in the last two years, this evolutionary quest has sped up to an intoxicating pace. Last seen out in public under the gleeful guise of Grinderman, a no-nonsense rock'n'roll excuse to "head down to the basement and shout", now Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds hit the elevator button straight back up to the cerebral penthouse suite with their fourteenth album, DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!! "A haemorrhaging of words and ideas," is how Cave describes the follow-up to 2004's gloriously compendious Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus double. "Grinderman was deliberately spare and the concepts were pretty simple," he explains. "With DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!! we allowed ourselves to get expansive."

That's no understatement. DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!! is elusive, allusive and - what the hell - illusive, a dizzying narrative that unrolls Western civilisation from Homer to Freud, the Bible to the Beats, fitting in its own cast of mythical characters along the way. Little Janie and ...



Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!



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