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Tim Pagnotta Vocals, Guitar 

Marko 72 Guitar 

Airin Bass, Vocals 

Ben Davis Drums, Vocals 

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In the year since their debut album, Start Static was released, Sugarcult has played more than 220 dates in over 40 states. They've passed nearly 100,000 highway mile markers. They've shared the same stage as Rancid, Unwritten Law, Blink 182, Less Than Jake, Good Charlotte, The Hives and Jimmy Eat World, just to name a few. They've downed a lot of beer, blown-out four tires, and slept in many of the nation's seediest motels. They've been hit by bottles (and received stitches), they've jumped off drum risers (and received knee surgery). They've lost their drummer on more than one occasion (he once resurfaced after 36 mysterious hours). They've caused structural damage to historic landmarks (the floor of the legendary Detroit venue St. Andrews Hall collapsed during Sugarcult's raucous set). They've been arrested (for surfing on top of their RV bus as it cruised through New York's Times Square). And along the way Tim Pagnotta (vocals/guitar), Marko 72 (guitar) Airin (bass/vocals) and Ben Davis (drums/vocals) have become one of the tightest rock outfits in the U.S., beloved by an ever-increasing legion of loyal fans.

"The other day I was driving my car and I heard 'Pretty Girl' on (L.A.' s influential modern rock station) KROQ," says Tim with a slightly impish grin, "pulled my car over and had a heart attack. Then I heard the DJ say how amazing our fans are. It's been a ton of work, but our fans have made it all worth it." With more than 200,000 CD's sold and a third single ("Pretty Girl") already on MTV2 and climbing the Billboard Modern Rock Radio Chart, there is no end in sight for the road hungry members of Sugarcult.

Taking their name from a group of girls next store -- actually 7 lesbians who lived acr...



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