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2003 is the year of the Ox. But more than that it is the year of the Turbonegro, the Imperial Underdogs of Scandinavian Rock.

As the media hype that is ScanRock screeches to a halt, a gang of denim-clad thugs bully their way into the afterparty, jacked up on Arctic beer and Krakow crystal, knocking over full ashtrays, shivering A&R personnel and champagne glasses with a jolly smile upon their heavily made-up faces, looking for a wellspring in which to urinate.

Behold the Underdog. Clad in the most delicate blue, Turbonegro has been a major force in the global underground for more than a decade, even though they disbanded under dramatic circumstances in 1998. This summer brought them back. Three headlining slots at major European festivals marked a renaissance rarely witnessed, they were bigger - and astoundingly better - than ever. Later this spring you will get to know them even better, when you'll get the chance to lick a piece of brand new genuine, shiny shiny Scandinavian Leather (which according to inside sources tastes saltier than ever before...the same sources also report that a certain "fifth Beatle" has designed the cover art, back at the ol' drawing board for the first time since 1968).

Over the years they've recorded for labels like Man's Ruin, Sympathy For The Record Industry and Amphetamine Reptile Europe, and have been keenly championed by the likes of Poison Idea, Rocket From The Crypt, Dave Grohl, Dr Eugene Chadbourne, Jello Biafra (who claimed that "Apocalypse Dudes is possibly the most important European record ever"), The Beastie Boys, the crew behind Jack Ass, Metallica, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Beck's mother Bibbe Hansen, The Hives, Steve Albini and Queens of the Stone Age. This admirat...



Scandinavian Leather

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