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Agnostic Front

Roger Miret Vocals 

Vinny Stigma Guitar 

James Collette Drums 

Mike Gallo Bass 


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Agnostic Front

"Agnostic Front is an American working class band that does not support or condone any type of extreme terrorism or mindless acts of terrorism. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones in the World Trade Center disaster." -Agnostic Front

The year was 1982. The place, New York City. Who'd guess that almost twenty years later a band first called Zoo Crew would emerge as the seldom contested, always respected Godfathers of Hardcore -- AGNOSTIC FRONT?

"Vinnie Stigma was the creator of the name," says Cuban-born vocalist, Roger Miret. "He just liked the name Agnostic so he thought of AGNOSTIC FRONT like a movement. That's what he tells everyone and that's basically it!" AGNOSTIC FRONT quickly etched their names in the concrete sidewalk in the history of hardcore with the unchained, unforgiving Victim in Pain LP, an 11-minute long musical fight. That album helped establish AGNOSTIC FRONT as one of the meanest-sounding bands in punk, helped create the term "hardcore," and placed all of New York hardcore on the map by association. "We had no idea that in the beginning that this would branch out as far as it did," admits Roger. "Back then we were lucky to get a van and drive down to Washington DC to play without the van breaking down along the way or something." Their strength through pain was an infection that still has no cure.

"I can't see much worse than this." -Roger Miret, from the first track, "I Wanna Know"

AGNOSTIC FRONT long outlived their now-legendary contemporaries like Minor Threat, SSDecontrol, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag - and could easily live on their laurels. But the fight's not over. Dead Yuppies is their 10th album (and third on Epitaph). "It's social politics," Roger says. "The d...



Agnostic Front
Dead Yuppies

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