MP301. Rotten Egg

02. Beware Of Viking

03. Over The Side

04. Is That For Me?

05. Clay Pigeon

06. Old Man Winter

07. Hacked

08. The Last Act

09. The Princess

10. Don't Panic

11. Jungles Of Guam

12. The Surgeons

13. Mr. Inbetween

14. Cut The Check

MP315. Bridge To The 21st Century

16. You May Have Already Won


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Just Beautiful Music
Gas Huffer

16 more reasons to love Gas Huffer! On the fifth release from Seattle╣s proud progenitors of punk, Just Beautiful Music delivers the goods with classic Huffer tongue-in-cheek garage-a-billy surf rock style. Granted, Just Beautiful Music may not change the face of modern rock, clear up that skin problem, or make you happy - - BUT IT PROBABLY WILL!


No: #86511

US Rel. Date: 04/21/1998

EU Rel. Date: 04/07/1998

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Ink Nineteen Zine

Jeremy Wernow

It's safe to call this a punk album, but at the same time, doing so would be too constrictive. These guys enjoy putting many different aspects of the...


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