01. Crooked Bird

02. Mr. Sudbuster

MP303. More Of Everything

04. Stay In Your House

05. 14th & Jefferson

06. Walla Walla Bang Bang

07. Appendix Gone

08. Chicken Foot

09. What's In The Bag

10. Hand Of The Nomad

11. Quasimodo '94

12. No Smoking

MP313. Action/Adventure

14. Goat No Have


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One Inch Masters
Gas Huffer

On their Epitaph debut, Gas Huffer delivers a lo-fi, rhythmical collection of hormone pumped surf guitars blended with raucous garage rock. Straight from the Seattle indie scene and a bit of a departure from the well-known "Epitaph sound," One Inch Masters has in common the same blazing intensity and dedication to loud guitars as the rest of their labelmates.


No: #86439

US Rel. Date: 09/06/1994

EU Rel. Date: 09/06/1994

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Steve Tinder

Combine the gritty "pissed off" feelof punk with the twangy groove of rockabilly, throw in a touch of the blues and you got what amounts to be a pretty...


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