01. Fallen Off

02. Coming Back

MP303. Together

04. Play Big

05. Check Your People

06. No Home (Steady!)

07. Which Way

08. Chemical Strangle

09. Tear Us Apart

10. 2000

11. En El Aire

12. Test Of My Heart

13. Blood

MP314. Pure Trauma


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Check Your People

Now, after battling for years to extricate themselves, the 'set return to the indie-punk trenches with this long-overdue third album. And the blistering Check Your People definitely makes up for lost time. Heavier and more crushing than a safe dropped on your foot, these 13 cuts are packed wall-to-wall with walloping drums, chugging and snarling Sabbath-sludge guitars and Rey Oropeza's spleen-venting, eardrum-busting bellow. Combined, they make all the Korns and Bizkit boys look like the sissypants trendies they are. Bonus points for their motivational lyrics, which focus not on nookie and breaking stuff, but on unity and building a better system. They may have been down, but they're a long way from out.
-Darryl Sterdan


No: #86601

US Rel. Date: 10/17/2000

EU Rel. Date: 10/03/2000

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Washington Post


Check Your People is a vibrant and bristling work... the quartet is as ferocious as ever



Alistair Lawrence

'...People' is a worthy wake-up call that can sit comfortably next to Rage Against The Machine's vitriolic 'Battle Of Los Angeles' to provide two fine...


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They are really rocks!!!

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