MP301. Proud To Be DFL

02. Word Of Mouth

03. Lost Cause

04. Return Of The Knucklehead

05. Mr. Popular

06. Function At The Center

MP307. Home Is Where The Heart Is

08. Hit The Floor

09. Club Stupid

10. Minus Adam

11. Better Off Dead

12. S.B.C.G.

13. Free Haircut

14. Society's Pressue

15. Self Pity

16. Action E


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12/16/2007Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Proud To Be
Dead Fucking Last

Sheer hardcore energy in the spirit of untamed hardcore. 20 un-relenting tracks featuring pure angry adolescent driving guitars and vocals. Released in 1995, produced by Adam Horovitz.


No: #86453

US Rel. Date: 08/01/1995

EU Rel. Date: 08/01/1995

Type: Full


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