01. The Comedown

02. Chelsea Smile

03. It was Written In Blood

04. Death Breath

05. Football Season is Over

06. Sleep with One Eye Open

07. Diamonds Arent Forever

08. The Sadness Will Never End

09. No Need for Introductions

10. Suicide Season

11. The Comedown (RobotSonics remix)

12. Chelsea Smile (KC Blitz remix)

13. It Was Written In Blood (L'Amour La Morgue remix)

14. Death Breath (Toxic Avenger remix)

15. Football Season Is Over (After The Night remix)

16. Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One remix)

17. Diamonds Aren't Forever (I Haunt Wizards remix)

18. The Sadness Will Never End (Skrillex (AKA Sonny) remix)

19. No Need For Introductions (Benjamin Weinman remix)

20. Suicide Season (The Secret Handshake remix)

21. Football Season Is Over (Utah Saints remix)

22. Sleep With One Eye Open (M. Shawn Crahan remix)

23. Chelsea Smile (Travis McCoy remix)

24. Suicide Season (Outcry Collective remix)

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01/30/2013Shadow Moses

11/21/2011Alligator Blood


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Suicide Season (Deluxe Edition)
Bring Me The Horizon

Suicide Season Deluxe Edition in stores now! Click here to order today!

As metal’s most promising newcomers Bring Me The Horizon begin work on their next neck-breaking opus, they leave fans with a brutal reminder of why they’re taking over the genre in 2010. On April 13, Epitaph Records will release an exclusive Deluxe Edition of BMTH’s 2008 fan-coveted, breakthrough album Suicide Season. The three disc collection will feature the original album, 14 remixed tracks ...



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No: #87051

US Rel. Date: 04/13/2010

EU Rel. Date: 04/12/2010

Type: Full


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