01. Still Waiting

02. Going Down

03. Turn It Down

MP304. Million Days

05. Roger

06. S.F.S.

MP307. We Went Wrong

08. Down Time

09. Lie Down And Die

10. Mango


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Four On The Floor
Dag Nasty

Dag Nasty manages to recapture their original musical intensity and simultaneously spotlight Dave Smalley's continued growth as a writer. "We Went Wrong" revisits staple Dag Nasty themes of frustration and betrayed trust and sounds as aggressive and fresh as any of their early work.
- Paul Henderson


No: #86415

US Rel. Date: 07/01/1992

EU Rel. Date: 07/01/1992

Type: Full


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In the summer of '92 four members of the defunct D.C. punk/hardcore band Dag Nasty found themselves in L.A. with an entire summer to waste. The four members...


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