01. Mean Fist

02. Kevin J. O'Toole

03. Into The Valley

04. Rebel Song

05. The General's Boombox

06. Elizabeth

07. Two Angry Kids

08. Guns

09. San Patricios

10. A State Of Grace

11. Free


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State of Grace
Street Dogs

Tracing the Street Dogs' story on the eve of the release of their new album, State of Grace, is no easy task. One thing that all parties can agree on is where it all started. At a time when the music scene teems with mediocrity and fashion-oriented bands that are simultaneously from nowhere and of everywhere, maintaining a sense of roots, politics, and place has become the band's calling card, a way of demonstrating to the world that they most decidedly stand for something.

The Street Dogs, it is somewhat of an understatement to say, are from Boston. Mike McColgan's name was already indelibly linked with the city, as he had already made his name as the frontman for the Dropkick Murphys, the standard-bearers of Boston punk during the late 1990s. Most musicians dream of achieving that kind of once in a lifetime success. But the Murphys' rise to fame was something of an entr'acte for the duty-bound McColgan, who had already served in the military prior to forming the band, and who aspi...



No: #80503

US Rel. Date: 07/08/2008

EU Rel. Date: 07/07/2008

Type: Full


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