01. 52 Seconds

02. Heroes & Martyrs

03. Germs of Perfection

04. New Dark Ages

05. Requiem for Dissent

06. Before You Die

07. Honest Goodbye

08. Dearly Beloved

09. Grains of Wrath

10. Murder

11. Scrutiny

12. Prodigal Son

13. The Grand Delusion

14. Lost Pilgrim

15. Submission Complete

16. Fields of Mars

17. Won't Somebody

18. Adam's Atoms

19. Sorrow

20. God Song

21. Dearly Beloved

22. Chronophobia

23. Skyscraper


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New Maps Of Hell (Deluxe Edition)
Bad Religion

New Maps of Hell deluxe, Bad Religion's first expanded-version release, includes the original 16 song NMOH CD, along with seven new acoustic tracks. Three of the acoustic songs are new, written specifically for this release; the other four tracks are new acoustic versions of BR classics such as "Sorrow" and the perennial favorite "Skyscraper."

Additionally, the release includes a DVD with an hour-long live performance that has never been seen before, along with music videos for "Honest Goodbye" and "New Dark Ages," behind-the-scenes footage of Brett and Greg during the recording of the acoustic EP and more.

The all-new packaging pays homage to the band's hometown of Los Angeles, but shown with a gritty reality not usually associated with Tinseltown. Shot in the striking format of high dynamic range photography by photographer Dave Bullock, the deluxe release also features a booklet of Bullock's work entitled "New Maps of Hell - City of Angels" and two classic Bad Religion posters...



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No: #86914

US Rel. Date: 07/08/2008

Type: Full


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I understand it's a sort of win/ BR gets more money and I get more of the music I like. Just don't resell me things I have and don't hold back if you've got more.

(And apologies for the onslaught of comments. Apparently there is a lame-ass character limit)



Brett, I lost track but I remember back in the original Napster days I had tracked down about 8+ songs that were only available on comps and foreign b-sides. I have to imagine with demo versions of existing songs, *OLD* live recordings ("No Control" era, perhaps?) and more could easily fill out of a CDs worth.



...Shit, I'll pull a 180 and start calling for a box set if they've got all this spare stuff to sell me.



panz, my point is I probably will buy it, I just don't like the fact that I'm being sold the exact same 14 tracks over again. The remasters were worth it because the sound was improved. As far as the video content, whatever happened to the Punk-O-Rama DVD series? One volume and done, wtf? Only 3 of the tracks are new which for any other bands would put on a long overdue B-side album or per-song downloads (no liner notes needed)...



paul, I don't think Epitaph has started to suck, I've actually dug a fair share of the new acts they've been picking up, especially on Anti.



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