01. Knowledge

02. Sound System

03. Jaded

04. Take Warning

05. The Crowd

06. Bombshell

07. Unity

08. Vulnerability

09. Bankshot

10. One of These Days

11. Gonna Find You

12. Bad Town

13. Smiling

14. Caution

15. Freeze Up

16. Artificial Life

17. Room Without a Window

18. Big City

19. Missionary

20. Junkie's Runnin' Dry

21. Here We Go Again

22. Hoboken

23. Yellin' in My Ear

24. Sleep Long

25. Healthy Body

26. Officer

27. I Got No

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Operation Ivy
Operation Ivy

Hellcat Records will release a remastered self-titled album from iconic ska-punk group Operation Ivy on November 6th. Originally distributed by Lookout! Records as a compilation in 1991, which sold in excess of 500,000 copies, Operation Ivy features the group's only LP (Energy) as well as their 7" EP (Hectic) and two songs from the 7" EP compilation Turn It Around. Remastered by Gene Grimaldi (Tiger Army, Transplants, Pennywise, NOFX), the album will released as a digipak with original artwork and will also be available digitally for the first time from all major download services.


No: #86893

US Rel. Date: 11/06/2007

Type: Full


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




Oh i have to get this. This band is legendary!



Tim Armstrong called my house 3 times. Twice he talked to my mom, and the third time he was like, "We need a magazine article that incorporates shitty slang from London, California, Australia, New York... fuck just slang from everywhere! Slang it up son! I don't want people to know where the fuck this thing is coming from!"

I had to decline on this project as the only man for the job was obviously the one and only Jackson.

Bullet! Bullet!



Jesse Michaels, fuckin`like Ian Curtis and Kurt Cobain, except Niggaz didn`t shoot himself--fucking went to Nicragua to become A MONK. Hasn`t had a decent band since, but fuck, everytime he gets a check for this he knows that him, Matt, LINT, Pat (and Skin) have already changed the world many times over.

I still fuckin SHAKE when I hear "Missionary" or "Sound System"!!!!

Absolute fucking classic.



For the Rancid heads it`s just like looking at a polaroid of yourself, ten, fifteen years ago. You already worn the muthafucka`out, the tape--somebody stole your CD cos you lent it out. Now you got some cash, put that next rollie or mortgage payment on hold for a minute and pass this shit DOWN.



Released in May 1989, they also played their last show by the time the LP dropped. But by then, everybody in the latest generation of underground punk rock already had heard the "Hectic" seven-inch (tracks 20-25 on the CD) and I reckon the shit blew up.

You can thank The Clash, Specials and East Bay Radness for Operation Ivy, OPIV for Suicide Machines, Less Than Jake...uhh , Reel Big Fish and the death of ska-punk. Or is it still alive?!?!? Hell fuckin`yes!!! Oh no!!!!



Great Record.

Tim Armstrong called my house twice--the first time my mother answered, and another he talked about a zine project that never happened. This might be complete fiction, but Operation Ivy`s music legend just grows and grows.

So who cares if this doesn`t have the greatest song the band wrote about destroying well-manicured bushes, "Hedgecore"?!?!? Dunno about the geezer who remixed this, fucking chuffed about the proper deluxe packaging it deserves.

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