MP301. Waiting Above The Ocean

02. Hyenas

03. Blunders and Mistakes

04. Standing in the Punch Line

05. Gibraltar

06. Automotive man

07. Minions of Satan

08. Chances

09. Snake

10. Blood on the Pullover

11. Hex on Me

12. Ease the Pain


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Blunders and Mistakes
The Robocop Kraus

The Robocop Kraus, with a funky sense of self-reflection, put the last nail in the coffin of neo postpunk and were certified as style icons by Musikexpress, they have recorded their new record and answer the eternal question as to whether or not they are the most over- or underrated band in Germany with an unequivocal: "Probably!"

Whilst teams of German and French bands go to pains to sound like The Robocop Kraus in the "Living With Other People" days, the band has gone leaps further. "Blunders and Mistakes" marks a new beginning for the band: there's a new guy on bass and there's a new sound. The band is experimental and pushes the musical boundaries of the band cosmos further and at the same time positions itself further apart from the mainstream.

Everything that we thought was great about The Robocop Kraus is there, the anthems, the melodies, the emotions, but there is also another side to discover, a new atmosphere, and a love of musical details, that has never been heard fr...



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EU Rel. Date: 09/24/2007

Type: Full


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