01. Fell In Love Without You

02. This Is For Real

03. It Had To Be You

04. Last Night

05. Calling All Cops

06. Can't Finish What You Started

07. The Conversation

08. Broken Heart

09. Hello Helicopter

10. Where I Belong

11. Point Of Extinction

12. Antonia

13. Even If It Kills Me


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06/13/2012True Romance

11/02/2009Fell In Love Without You


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Even If It Kills Me
Motion City Soundtrack

Download Motion City Soundtrack’s acoustic version of “Fell In Love Without You.” it is available on iTunes. If you heard it in this season's “Gossip Girl” premiere, here’s your chance to pick it up! Click here to buy it now.

Motion City Soundtrack perfect their trademark blend of indie rock riffs, bittersweet melodies, driving synths, and droll-yet-earnest lyrics on Even If It Kills Me, in stores now. Produced in parts by the duo of Fountain of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger & Girls vs Boys' Eli Janney, and by pop-rock legend Ric Ocasek, Even If It Kills Me is a heartfelt examination of the human condition, at turns both comic and tragic. Contagiously clever, buoyantly catchy, and featuring the instantly memorable single "This Is For Real," Even If It Kills Me is the year's most anticipated record.

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No: #86862

US Rel. Date: 09/18/2007

EU Rel. Date: 09/17/2007

Type: Full


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i cant wait

my birthday its on sept 10 and all i want is that record

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