01. Kill The Rhythm

02. Come Friendly Bombs

03. Abandon Ship

04. In The Belly Of A Shark

05. Six Years

MP306. Rolling With The Punches

07. Last Fight For The Living Dead

08. Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You Are Safe

09. Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake

10. Stay Cold

11. I Promise This Won't Hurt

12. Orchestra Of Wolves

13. Sick Of Feeling Sick

14. Black Heart Queen

15. Nervous Breakdown


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10/13/2008In The Belly Of A Shark

12/16/2007Rockworld.tv Interview Pt 1


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Orchestra of Wolves

"This furious hardcore debut will punch you in the ears." - (Kerrang!)

"Like filing down your own teeth, this is mean, self-aware, viciously lethal music that ought to be mandatory listening." - (Playmusic Magazine)

England's vicious hardcore act Gallows will release their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, in North America on July 10th through Epitaph Records. Originally released in the UK in 2006, the record will feature three brutal new tracks including a cover of Black Flag's classic 'Nervous Breakdown.'

Critically acclaimed by British press, Gallows have been described as "the best British punk band since The Clash" (Kerrang!) as well as having "one of the finest displays of sneering, snotty attitude since The Sex Pistols." (Total Guitar). While the media's statements are audacious, they aren't without proof. The group makes an undeniably ferocious debut with ire-filled vocals entrenched in a labyrinth of frantically hostile riffs and anarchistic staccato. From vocal...



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No: #86884

US Rel. Date: 07/10/2007

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Aaron Schmidt

4/5 - Load, brash, and snotty as hell, Gallows are here to put true punk rock on the map. Hailing from Watford, U.K., Gallows' no-holds-barred visceral...


Exclaim Magazine!

Ty Trumbull

From the opening notes of "Kill the Rhythm," it becomes pretty clear what you're getting yourself into: a raucous hardcore record that is equal parts...


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ill let the similar artist list speak for itself



Kings of punk..

So you're judging a band on what Kerrang! had to say!? Kerrang! also thought Mastodon's "Blood Mountain" was amazing, does that make the album shit!?

Orchestra of Wolves is an awesome album, and I cant wait until its Stateside release so that you yank kids can shut your mouths and find the next British act to dismiss. Go watch these fuckers on the Warped Tour, take a fist in the mouth from Frank Carter and buy this album.. it'll be the best $10 you ever spent.



Punk is Back

And it's the cool new thing!

they sound like thirty3 and a score of other bands i dont know the names to. The title track wasnt a bad song but just because they dont use a doubble bass pedal dont mean their punk. The sources point to "biased". I hate to disagree with brett (



Punk is Back

As a bit of an expert on Punk Rock - having listened to it, played it, recorded it and released it, for a few years now - I will say that GALLOWS ARE THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF PUNK. I've been signing and breaking punk bands since the 80s's and give my personal avowal with heartfelt conviction that this band is nothing less than the return of bonafide ass kicking heart ripping fist pounding authentic PUNK FUCKING ROCK. -Brett



A Kerrang! quote?

Keerang, the same magazine that nominates Puddle of Mud and Nickleback as the best artists of the year, this is supposed to be an important critical source on punk or hardcore? There's nothing new or inventive to Gallows, they play traditional east coast American 90s styled hardcore. If you're digging the Bronx, this is another disc for that collection, however this has as much to do with punk rock's future as Kerrang's awards for Good Charlotte and Sum 41.

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