01. The Sinner

02. City To City (Feat. Tim Armstrong of RANCID)

MP303. Every Night

MP304. Done Wrong

05. La Pregunta (Feat. Patricia Day of HORRORPOPS)

06. Waiting For You

07. Drunk Again

08. New York City

09. 4 Weeks

10. She?s The Only One

11. Wash Away

12. Bastard Son

13. Justino

14. Dead American Radio

15. No One Likes Us

16. I Hate Emo


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Dead American Radio
Left Alone

Left Alone is back. Back from months and months of touring in the U.S., Canada and Europe with a brand new record to tell you about it.

"Dead American Radio" is a 16 song sonic blast of lonely road filled stories, drunken adventures and lost love anthems. Drawing influence from personal loves and loss, lead singer & producer Elvis Cortez touches on a darker side on this record, adding a more diverse style and sound.

Dead American Radio is Left Alone's most ambitious record to date.

Recorded in a true low budget punk rock studio in Riverside California they managed to capture the rawness of a 3 chord song but with a sound and quality better than any record they've made to date. The bands sound is at an all time high, by adding different elements to their sound from a Hammond organ, to a stand up bass to even a pedal steel guitar. From punk to ska to even some country/punk this record has it all.

Tim Armstrong (Rancid) co-wrote the ska tinged song "City to City"

with El...



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No: #80481

US Rel. Date: 08/08/2006

EU Rel. Date: 08/07/2006

Type: Full


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 3.00




One of the coolest punkrock/ska bands since years.



By the way, as long as people like anarcho9200 below exist, we are all in trouble. I dont care how cool Elvis Cortez's hair is! Fuck his hair, mine is better! I guess you, anarcho9200 know what type of underwear Britney Spears wears as well? Go read a book and shut up.



Head the call this CD...

Yeah I will have to agree with Femalpunk1 Left Alone should be left alone. Bands like Left Alone, and Time Again, are trying to create a sub-genre based on Rancid! There can only be one. Look guys, no disrespect but Rancid has already done any and everything music wise you are trying to accomplish, so go return your clothes to Hot Topic, pick up an instrument and be creative.



Last Comment

Listen...Rancid is one of the best bands ever. I can understand why musicians would want to emulate that sound. But there is a huge,huge problem. The guys in Rancid are talented. Tim Armstrong can actually right great lyrics.

Please guys/girls, look harder before wasting some much time and effort on hacks. The kids trust Epitaph they are going to listen to what you give them. Put out someone who has something to say.



R U for real

Have we not already heard this band before? Where is the discretion? Where is the originality? The Left Alone lyrics are nauseating!!!

"Every night,night,night..I lay awake in bed." What the F..k?



R U for Real

Come on guys. I would expect more originality from the heads of Epitaph/Hellcat. It seems as if someone went on vacation over the last few years. This band, and many recently added bands, are terrible.

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