MP301. Don't Be Afraid To Run

02. Omie Wise

03. Cold As The Clay

04. Little Sadie

05. Highway

06. Rebel's Goodbye

MP307. Talk About Suffering

08. Willie Moore

09. California Cotton Fields

10. The Watchmakers Dial

11. One More Hill


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Cold As The Clay
Greg Graffin

In many ways Cold as the Clay is a highly unconventional record. First of all it combines traditional American old-time music with original rock compositions. Secondly it's offered up by Greg Graffin, an artist best known for his work with Bad Religion as one of the most successful and prolific punk rock performers in the world. Lastly, it was recorded and mixed in accordance with the raw integrity of it's origins in only eight days, with a group of talented musicians who had never played together before, utilizing inspired live takes and not much else in the way of studio contrivances. Happily, the results are as gratifying artistically as they are unconventional conceptually. In the liner notes Greg put it this way:

"We set out create a record that would honor the legacy of American music, and it is my hope that we were able to capture a lasting musical moment. I wanted to show how my work with Bad Religion was informed by other, seemingly disparate and unconventional genr...



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No: #86809

US Rel. Date: 07/11/2006

EU Rel. Date: 07/10/2006

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Jeff Vrabel

With this dusky and starkly recorded collection, longtime Bad Religion howler Graffin becomes the second guy in recent months to temporarily trade in...



There's certainly nothing contrived about Greg Graffin going the Americana route, as elements of folk and roots rock have appeared not-too-subtly in his...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 4.85




Another great album from the mind of a legend. Love the album. You should tour in Australia......... And bring Bad Relgion along with you



Liked the album when I streamed it. I think I'm going to pick it up sometime soon. Album cover kind of reminds me of the newest Springsteen album's cover. Hahaha.



Loved Every Track

I wrote a review of Greg's album on, and I don't normally applaud redundancy but I wanted to share my love of this album here as well. I loved American Lesion and after that I didn't think that Greg could out-do himself vocally or lyrically, and in a certain sense he hasn't, he has moved horizontally on a grid to which there is no longer an "up." A different, more authentic sound and folkier lyrics are a welcome addition to my collection of Graffins work.



And did those feet in...

Wow! Incredible. I saw Greg live at the Troubador - best show I have seen in many years. It was great to see him in such a raw form, and he was joined on stage by a great bunch of guys. I was amazed to hear a room full of people sing along to God Song - definately serious BR fans with a deep respect for the music. It is inspiring that Greg can bring a community of punk rock fans to gain an appreciation and respect for folk music. What a class act.



I would listen to Greg sing anything, but this album is such a sweet treat. First album I rushed to buy on release day.

So glad to hear Greg give big ups to the Weakerthans. Everyone should listen to them more.
Rack on folks.



I was not sure if i would love this disc but i do. he should have come to folk fest in winnipeg.

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