01. Hollow

MP302. Pamint De Mort

03. Lust For Hope

04. Wash Over Me

05. As Far Apart

06. I?m Not Wasted

07. Bloodlove

08. End Transmission

09. Pure Life

MP310. Not About You


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Mercy Killers

Mercy Killers move the air in there own way. Like something brushing against you in the dark. You can feel it but not see it.

Dense tone and soulfully aggressive vocals paint a picture of an era past. When individuality and artistic merit mattered more than what style your hair was in.

You can hear the influences of bands such as Birthday Party, T.S.O.L , Bauhaus, Social Distortion , The Gun Club, and even the Buzzcocks but only an impression not an exact interpretation.

Close your eyes, open your mind and LISTEN.


No: #80483

US Rel. Date: 08/22/2006

EU Rel. Date: 08/21/2006

Type: Full


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Average Fan Rating: 4.00




Great SOund !

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