MP301. Junkies

02. Say Again

03. Broken Bodies

04. The Stories Are True f. Tim Armstrong

MP305. Cold Concrete

06. Lost In Hollywood

07. Fallen Nation

08. Kenny

09. Criminals

10. Life On The Run

11. Fountain & Formosa

12. Deadly Nights

13. Streetwalker


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The Stories Are True
Time Again

An album with a title fitting of it's content: Truly inspired songs, with lyrics inspired by true events. From nights spent in jail, to days spent living on the street. "The Stories Are True" is an album that grabs you and won't let go. Time Again rips through through 13 exciting and thought provoking tracks pushing the limits of punk today. While the album also plants a flag firmly in the territory of 80's punk, Time Again's versatility still manages to shine through. Turning their instantly catchy melodies, and their heart racing instrumentation into an infectious and classic debut.


No: #80482

US Rel. Date: 04/25/2006

EU Rel. Date: 04/24/2006

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Amp Magazine


With the follow up to their rancid records debut, TIME AGAIN once again prove that they are poised to be the face of the next generation of punk rock....



If youíre sick of your punk music sounding like everything on Fueled By Ramen then check out a new band that sounds old school (if your old school is...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 3.96




I can't handle shit that sounds the same all the fucking can't just pound on the drums and play fast bass to have good punk music, the sound is already taken!! RANCID is one of a kind. Sorry.



Wowww dude what the fuck. Almost everything has been done weve seen it all before. EVERY band is influenced by one band or another- so why not Rancid? Rancid is so fucking good and even if you dont think so , you atleast have some respect for Rancid cuz those fuckers are hardworking loyal- magic-making fuckers. Their music is genius. Time Again's first fucking song was "Never Give Up".



Their first fucking song!! That shit is GOOOODDDD man. And Daniel honestly does kinda talk like Tim (no he doesnt fucking TRY to) so when he sings he kinda sounds like Tim too. If their good enough to be mistaken for Rancid- their cetainly fucking good enough to last for a long time- and they will. They have already seen alot- know whats up- know their vies on the world and are smart.




They are in their 20's and they began in 2004- look where the fuck they are now. They are so respectful and are very talented. and for fuck's sake have played with The Unseen, A Global Threat and the Circle Jerks already, PLUS. I fucking love Time Again. And their music is so honest too. Atleast they dont sound liek the million streetpunk bands out there that all the sound the exact fucking same. And atleast they aint no emo shit. these guys are for real.



time again is awesome. and it sucks that i missed them when they came to chicago. this record is awesome. i didn't really know what to expect. i just thought i'd try them out. but its a great record. you can see the influences of rancid and the unseen in them. the future talks are true about this band, its only going to get better.



Give Em The Boot

Got the new give em the boot and wen i first heard em i thought they were rancid which is great! ive gotta get this album.. somehow..

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