01. Sinister Rouge

02. No Control

03. Supersonic

04. Social Suicide

05. Los Angeles Is Burning

06. Modern Man

07. Kyoto Now

08. Stranger Than Fiction

09. Struck a Nerve

10. Let Them Eat War

11. Suffer

12. Change of Ideas


14. Recipe for Hate

15. Atomic Garden

16. 10 in 2010

17. You

18. Come Join Us

19. I Want To Conquer the World

20. 21st Century Digital Boy

21. Generator

22. Fuck Armageddon

23. Anesthesia

24. Infected

25. Cease

26. American Jesus

27. Along The Way

28. Do What You Want

29. Only Gonna Die

30. Sorrow

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04/20/2011Wrong Way Kids


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Live At The Palladium DVD
Bad Religion

This DVD features explosive live footage shot over two nights at the famous Hollywood Palladium that has been condensed down to one spitfire performance! This DVD also contains extremely rare content such as an acoustic piano version of "Cease," in-depth interviews with all current band members discussing the band¹s formation, evolution and career. You'll also get never-before-seen live footage from the New Wave Theatre circa 1981-1983, a band photo gallery featuring new and vintage images of the bands, as well as a slew of music videos from the band!


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No: #86659

US Rel. Date: 03/07/2006

EU Rel. Date: 03/06/2006

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Mark Weisinger

The revolution will not be televised… the revolution will be live. — Gil Scott Heron When Gil Scott Heron wrote these infamous lines, he could not...




I don’t care what anyone says, I love Bad Religion. They honestly have changed my life. Ever since I first heard “Infected” in 5th grade I have been hooked....


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 4.61





The DVD ruled... the songs = great, concert good,and the whole dvd was amazing. There were awesome camera shots in the dvd, and I loved the change of camera angle after every 2 seconds... I would hate to see the entire show from just 1 angle... i.e. The Minor Threat DVD.

-The New Old Bad Religion Message Board-

P.S. I am a whiney cow

P.P.S I love epitaph

P.P.P.S Bad Religion Ruuuuuuuuuules




Hey Dave22, thanks for the heads up.

Shame I live on this silly island named the United Kingdom - it's still an APRIL release date for us.

So they manage to ship it to Australia, but not the UK, which is right next to Europe. Weird, ha ha.

I'm still waiting, but I reckon it will be worth the wait!




Australia release

That DVD is awesome!! BadReligionDude and anyone else in Oz, it's in stores now and is worth every cent.

Brett, well done it is everything BR fans could hope for (except no mention of Bobby and Pete??). Now all that is left is a return tour from you guys, surely??



this dvd is great for the beginner BR fan to see what the band is about. and the old school fans that want to remember all the shows that they have been too. i recommend this to all.



I'm in the UK, got my copy already! It's awesome, great music, great interviews. Really good to see they had pictures of the band over the years, just a shame none of the ex-members were interviewed, the played a crucial part of BR. For me, an interview with Bobby would have been the icing on the cake.

Nice work guys.



Australia release...

Hi mate.

Think about the DVD is released in Europe in March. The UK only gets it in April, one month later. And think about how close the UK is to Europe.

Now think about how far Australia is from Europe.

Oh dear.

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