MP301. Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts

02. Broke My Heart

03. Another Feeling

04. Monday Morning

MP305. By My Side

06. My Whole Life

07. Would You Stay Now

08. My '62

09. Heart Riot

10. Dead Red Roses

11. Heart Of Mine

12. My Way

13. Wasted Time


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Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts
Left Alone

Left Alone's Hellcat debut combines a mixture of musical influences from Rancid and the Clash to Operation Ivy, Swingin Utters, and Elvis Costello. From the punk driven title track "Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts," to the the heavily ska-inspired "Another Feeling," to the homage to Elvis' car in "My 62," Left Alone pours every ounce of creative energy and emotion into this album.

To this band the idea of Do-It-Yourself is not something to follow, it's in their nature. They do everything, from booking their own shows, making their own merchandise, to even starting a record label to release their recordings.

On 'Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts', the band delivers a tightly sealed package of punk that plans to explode within seconds of hitting the play button.


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No: #80476

US Rel. Date: 06/21/2005

EU Rel. Date: 06/20/2005

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews


After listening to Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts it’s easy to imagine how Left Alone leader Elvis Cortez made the leap from roadie on the 2003 Warped...


Mike D'Ariano

Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts is thirty minutes of sometimes popish, sometimes hardcore, sometimes ska-tinged punk rock featuring a singer with a sometimes...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 3.67







Wicked punk!

I first heard about Left Alone from the 2005 Warped Tour Compilation with their track "By My Side", a lovely track that I really enjoyed. I became very interested in Left Alone, so I bought this album. What I like about this album is that each song is different and has a different tune. Elvis Cortez sings sad songs about relationship troubles and upbeat tunes about true love, creating a really wonderful album. I really recommend it.

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