01. Intro

02. Hello Remix

03. Pack Up Remix

04. I'm Just Raw

05. Do That There

06. I Changed My Mind

07. Bad Dreams Interlude

08. Shake It Off

09. The Last Trumpet

10. Over You

11. I Can't Wait For Your Love

12. The Bay

13. Callin' Out Remix

14. Outro

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Same !@#$ Different Day
Lyrics Born

The Bay Area's Lyrics Born will be releasing a follow up to 'Later That Day...', titled 'Same !@#$ Different Day' April 26th.

'Same !@#$ Different Day' features eight remixes from his previous record plus five new tracks. "With Same !@#$ Different Day, I wanted to link up with outside producers and artists I admire, who could help me get beyond my own limitations," said Lyrics Born. "Most of the 'remix' tracks have entirely new lyrics, music, or both, and feature a slew of guest artists that weren't present on the originals."

The new album features production spots by DJ Shadow ("Over You" and "The Last Trumpet"), Dan the Automator ("I'm Just Raw"), and Chief Xcel ("I Can't Wait for Your Love"), plus joining him on the mic are MCs and vocalists such as Joyo Velarde, KRS-One, Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), Lateef the Truth Speaker, E-40, and Casual (of Hieroglyphics).


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No: #80703

US Rel. Date: 04/26/2005

EU Rel. Date: 04/25/2005

Type: Full


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