MP301. Monsoon

02. Echo Park

03. Gold Finger

04. Brave New World

05. Rusian Roulette

MP306. Moon over Catalina

07. Malibu Babylon

08. Blue Venus

09. Land of the Unknown

10. Surfer's Life

11. Stingray Stomp

12. Zuma Sunset

13. Ju Ju Beads

14. Green Sea

15. Superhero


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Surf 'N' Burn
Blue Stingrays

The Blue Stingrays keep their identities secret and have never played a show. This record, perhaps their only release (though the CD claims they put out three other, impossible-to-find records in the '60s, which is probably as true as their claim of inventing surf music), is a pleasant, mellow stroll through Polynesia and beyond. Whoever these guys are, they can definitely play their instruments. There are several great songs here including their gorgeous, surfy take on the Goldfinger theme. Heavenly.
--- Adam Bregman AMG


No: #86001

US Rel. Date: 09/09/1997

EU Rel. Date: 08/26/1997

Type: Full


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Average Fan Rating: 5.00




Probably the best epitaph release.

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