01. The Buzz Kill

02. Sea Lion

03. Gunz Yo

04. Escape Artist

05. Product Placement

06. Voice Mail Bomb Threat

07. Dance Monkey

08. Sun Vs Moon

09. Agony In Her Body

10. Crumble

11. Ground Control

12. Lie Detector Test

13. Bridle

14. Slow Down Gandhi

15. Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

16. Slow Down Gandhi (clean


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A Healthy Distrust
Sage Francis

Sage Francis is to indie hip-hop what Rage Against the Machine was to alternative rock, a full frontal ambi-political rush that turns its voice man into a deified performer with legions of impressionable youths hanging on his every word. Think Sage doesn't want it that way? Check the corporate rock whore American flag he donned at last year's Coachella festival, greasy heair shaved off like Colonel Kurts scrawling scrawling, "Drop the bomb. Kill Them all!"

Francis' distrust is warranted, and writing this review two days after an election is a sure way to twist your head around. Especially when he declares, "I know that only stupid people increase the birthrates/I'm just about dumb enough to hold up a sperm bank," on "Gunz Yo." It's enough to make you want to wring your hands, and if you're over 25, then expect to find yourself peering at your old teen angst like some sort of barely remembered dream. If you're under 25, then be prepared to have your non-voting ass checked...



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No: #86709

US Rel. Date: 02/08/2005

EU Rel. Date: 02/07/2005

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Brandon Stosuy

On A Healthy Distrust Sage Francis comes off as a bookish Eminem. Though his rhymes can be angry and his lyrics witty, Sage readily admits to possessing...


Las Vegas Mercury

Brock Radke

Usually when you're reading a review of a rapper's new CD, the critic will quote a lyric to illustrate the emcee's skills with wordplay, or maybe a particularly...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




Right on Sage!

This album is ridiculous,
its got straight up insane flow and sage explores everything from guns to religion and definitely expresses his anger about our government, he even has a song about Johnny Cash




This album fucking rocks, would recomend to any hip hop/rap lover. Perfect blend of clever lyrics and chilled out beats. Sage is the king.

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