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12/16/2007Coachella DVD Trailer

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Second Thoughts

Alone on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, three surfers bring us some of the most amazing surfing footage from one of the most dangerous reefs in the world! Timmy Turner and friends Potter and Schwartz allow viewers to come along with them for a month long adventure, braving the elements, struggling to provide food and water, hoping to avoid injury, and non-stop surfing! With revolutionary water photography, cameras literally in-hand, viewers get a first hand surfer's view of what it's like to ride inside the waves! Viewers are rocketed through barrel after barrel, around whips and turns, and let go barely missing exposed coral heads in the shallow end section!

"Second Thoughts is the type of hardcore project that makes a show like Survivor look ridiculous and silly by comparison." ~Surfing Magazine


No: #86730

US Rel. Date: 06/01/2004

Type: DVD


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