01. The Ride of Your Life

02. Rat Race

03. Way of the Light

04. Stardust

05. Flashback

06. Up

07. The Writz

08. To Know You

09. Real MCs

10. Hold On

11. In A Minute Doe

12. Evolution

13. Moonshine

14. Ride On

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4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
The Gift Of Gab

Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up is a straight-up rap record, and it's straight-up GAB. Produced by Seattle's underground heroes Jake One and Vitamin D, Fourth Dimensional... boasts diverse and rousing, intricately built beats --- perfectly primed canvases on which The Gift of Gab has painted his nuanced life portraits.


The Gift Of Gab "Rat Race"... More



No: #80701

US Rel. Date: 05/11/2004

Type: Full


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