MP301. Lovetrap

02. Viola

03. Nobody Without You

04. Without You

05. Lock-Sport-Krock

06. Glue Girl

07. You Make My World Go Around

08. Go Around

09. New Fool

10. Goodbye I Die

11. Mirror Man

12. My Aim Is You

13. Vila Rada


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Nikola Sarcevic

Lock-Sport-Krock shifts from stark, devotional moments to countrified nuggets while retaining a cohesion missing from most singer/songwriter efforts. From the tender strums of "Lovetrap" -- which sets the pace for a disc that focuses on themes of intimacy, adoration and heartbreak -- Sarcevic emotively chronicles a bad break-up with the help of a lilting piano and an inspirational harmonica. Be it that number, or the somber vibe of "Viola," a glistening, xylophone-touched look at a relationship's uncertain path, Lock-Sport-Krock asserts there's been more up Sarcevic's sleeve all along than his 100 proof punk anthems have made evident.


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No: #82038

US Rel. Date: 07/13/2004

EU Rel. Date: 07/12/2004

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Spencer Robinson

Nikola Sarcevic may be best known for his role as lead singer in Sweden's kick-ass-anti-Abba-punk band, Millencolin, but that's about to change. He has...


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Please, I beg you, my dear Epitaph Records, to release his new album in the States!

I also beg you, most humbly, to also release the new Lost Patrol Band record as well.

Your most humble fan,


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