01. Weekend

02. 5-29

MP303. Saturday

04. Serve And Protect

05. No Justice

06. Roughneck Noise

07. Summer Of '96

08. Midtown Nights

09. Lost Paradise

10. Outcast

11. Sacto's Alright

MP312. Short Haired Rock-N-Roll

13. Skinhead Blues

14. Dirty River


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Twenty Bucks And Two Black Eyes
U.S. Roughnecks

Serving up punk the way it was meant to be played -- rabidly, rapidly and proficiently -- this forceful, guttural five-piece from Sacramento, is one of the last authentic American hardcore units left in existence.

"We're all about bringing the toughness back to punk," says bassist Big Jay, who also doubles as a member of Lars Frederiksen's other band, the Bastards. "Fuck that wimpy shit, get some balls and play some rock & roll."

And with the U.S. ROUGHNECKS' Hellcat debut, Twenty Bucks and Two Black Eyes, these cats get right to the claw. As rugged and uncompromising as the title suggests, the disc explores frontman Mike's troubled youth ("Summer of '96"), celebrates the 'Necks' hometown scene ("Sacto's Alright") and flips the bird at local law enforcement ("Serve And Protect.")

The Debut Full Length LP/CD from Sactos finest!

"Twenty Bucks and Two Black Eyes"

Featuring Big Jay Bastard from Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards


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No: #80460

US Rel. Date: 05/11/2004

EU Rel. Date: 05/10/2004

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Brad Angle

Helping to rescue the kids from Good Charlotte and Hot Topic banality, the U.S. Roughnecks funnel their love of beer/hatred of cops into a scowling, squared-jaw...


Winnipeg Sun


Rating: 3 1/2 stars That title should actually be Twenty Bucks, Two Black Eyes, Eight Tattooed Knuckles, One Lung-Busting Gravel-Throat Vocalist, Four...


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