01. Reintroducing

MP302. Now

03. Kept

04. Exhausted Love

05. Star Destroyer

06. Paradise

07. One Twenty

08. Man Vs. Ape

09. Get Along

10. Two Men And A Lady

11. E&A Day

12. Act Right

13. Glass


Eyedea & Abilities

Eyedea and Abilities is what you get when you combine the very best of two opposite ends of Hip-Hop's musical spectrum. On one end you have the M.C./Lyricist, Eyedea, who has proven himself time and time again not only as an extraordinary song writer, but also as a master at battling and the art of freestyling. On the other end you have Abilities, the D.J./Turntablist, who's talent from the battle, to the mix tape, to production has resonated on the underground for quite some time now. When you put these two extremes together, you get the new, innovative and exciting dynamic we like to call E&A.


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No: #86710

US Rel. Date: 03/23/2004

EU Rel. Date: 03/22/2004

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Dusted Magazine

Matthew Bernstein

Eyedea and Abilities have plenty of each, which makes them one of the most creative acts in mainstream underground hip hop. On their second record, E&A,...



Dave Segal

Meet the Shaq and Kobe of underground hip hop - excpet they're on good terms. It begins with battle-champion MC Eyedea understating, "E&A in the house,...


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