01. Indestructible

02. Fall Back Down

03. Red Hot Moon

04. David Courtney

05. Out Of Control

06. Django

07. Arrested In Shanghai

08. Travis Bickle

09. Memphis

10. Spirit of '87

11. Ghost Band

12. Tropical London

13. Roadblock

14. Born Frustrated

15. Back Up Against The Wall

16. Ivory Coast

17. Stand Your Ground

18. Otherside

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Double LP Release On Clear Red Vinyl!

Drawing from and amplifying upon Rancid's entire body of work, Indestructible is a testament to the durability of the human spirit, and to the positive power that music can have in our lives. Perhaps their most personal album to date on Indestructible Rancid takes us along on an unforgettable musical journey. Whether retelling true stories from their lives as in the touching "Red Hot Moon", the tragic "Other Side" or the rollicking "Gilman St", or presenting a worldview born of dues paid and tours made in songs like "Start Now", "Against The Wall" and "Ivory Coast", Indestructible is irresistibly tuneful throughout. On this, the groups' sixth disk, styles range from the long awaited return of Rancid's patented brand of ska on "Red Hot Moon" to the super intense Discharge inspired hardcore strains of "Out Of Control". Like every Rancid CD this one has a few twists and turns and more than enough musical surprises to keep the mix fresh and exc...



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No: #80451

US Rel. Date: 08/19/2003

Type: Full


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 4.30




go to it and you can watch videos by the Ramones and do other interesting things



This is, well, OK, but not the best stuff Rancid has done. There are many GREAT songs on this record but they don't channel that classic Rancid feel in the same way. I have a love affair with the song "Spirit Of '87". Oh and Julmust, I know how you feel, mine's scratched too.



this was my first rancid album, and to this day I think it's also not one of the best, but still not the worst (which for rancid still is kina good). Best songs Red Hot Moon, Spirit of 87, Stand your ground. To bad my disc is totally fucked up and red hot moon starts to sound pretty weird in the end choruses



Indestructible deserves a place in a CD collection. Fans will find some really good stuff on that one like Fall Back Down and Red Hot Moon. But only for the song Tropical London, which is one of the best song they ever did in my opinion, Indestructible would be a good choice.



Overall pretty good

I'm more into Rancid's older stuff, not that I don't like their new struff... This albums has some really good tracks, as well as some crappy ones. Songs like "Red Hot Moon" and "Arrested In Shanghai" paint a whole new picture for Rancid, but angry, booming songs like "David Courtney", "Django", and "Spirit of '69" fill in for that crap. They also have some happy, upbeat sons like "Indestructible", "Fall back Down" and "Memphis" that make this album a pleasure to listen to.



Some good tracks, but many average ones. No great classics. Go buy an older album much dirtier Ska/Punk that we know and love.

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