01. Skankbon

MP302. Old Dog

03. Axes

04. Bin Waitin

05. Real War

06. Lazy Woman

MP307. Mommy

08. Don't Wanna Go

MP309. Who Knows

10. Close My Eyes

11. I'll Stay Away

12. Decon Dub


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Close My Eyes
The Slackers

The Slackers are true modern day masters who produce moments on stage that are amazing. The band is a lightning rod for talent fronted by the outstanding vocals, songwriting and keyboard playing of Vic Ruggiero, who happens to be supported by one of the hottest and most entertaining live bands today. Check out "Mommy" for the ultimate blend of Vic's heart wrenching soulful vocal style, percolating keyboard work tossed with Reggae-fied, Afro-Carribean flavor. It's the epitome of what the Slackers do as a band.
On Close My Eyes The Slackers bring together the disparate, and yet closely linked, genres of ska, reggae, jazz, soul, dub and r'n'b and make a real melting pot of melody, rhythm and expression using horns, hammond organ and harmony vocals. It is also produced in a really authentic and organic way, reminding the listener of essential Studio One recordings from Jamaica. The fabulous songwriting and introspective lyrics which reference the band's home-town of New York and the even...



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No: #80455

US Rel. Date: 09/09/2003

EU Rel. Date: 09/08/2003

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
L.A. Weekly

Tom Cheyney

If the Slackers play "garage-reggae," as their press release says, does this make them the White Stripes of ska, the Dirtbombs of dub, or even the Ramones...




You're either an obsessive or a hater when it comes to reggae and ska, and me, I'm in the first camp. I don't play a lot on Air as I am trying to cover...


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