01. Love You More Dead

MP302. Show Me The System

03. We Got A God

04. Seventeen

05. Go Bang

06. Monday

07. She

08. Baby Sitter

MP309. Hate

10. I Don't Know

11. Brainless

12. Sanity

13. Sad

14. White Boy, White Girl

15. Television

16. She's So Static

17. What A Girl

18. What It's Worth

19. She's Something Else

20. The Doorway

MP321. Ordinary

22. Another Girl

23. Love You Now

24. So Dazed*

25. La La La*

26. Don't Want You Back*

MP327. Ready To Play*

28. Someone To Love?*

29. Breaking Up Is Cool*

30. Miss Fortune*

31. Emily*


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Ready Sexed Go
The Joykiller

Joykiller fans have been waiting for what seems like eons to hear what Jack Lloyd Jones (T.S.O.L., Tender Fury, The Joykiller) had been up to in the late '90s -- the time between the last Joykiller record, Three, and the "comeback" album from (the original) T.S.O.L., Disappear. Well now's their chance...this anthology is 32 tracks of sheer sexual bliss. It features tracks from all 3 Joykiller albums (The Joykiller -- 1995, Static -- 1996 and Three -- 1997), as well as 8 tracks that were originally going to be released under the monikers "The Go" and "Gentleman Jack".
Featuring the great musicianship of T.S.O.L. cohort Ron Emory, the first album, The Joykiller, is a blistering rant of blatant hatred and disappointment...it really feels like the album that T.S.O.L. should have put out after "Beneath The Shadows" (but with a definite '90's punk energy), but things didn't go that way...Jack having left the band, and the remaining members taking the cred that had been built up over the p...



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No: #86579

US Rel. Date: 08/11/2003

EU Rel. Date: 08/12/2003

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Johnny Loftus

While Ready Sexed Go! contains the first new Joykiller material in six years, it's also a retrospective of the California punk supergroup, offering tracks...


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