01. Intro: The Blizzard Of Flames

02. Wipe It Til It Bleeds

03. Gimme Some

MP304. Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed

MP305. Sell Your Body (To The Night)

06. Remain Untamed

07. Train Of Flesh

08. Fuck The World

09. Locked Down

10. I Want It All

11. Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.)

12. Le Saboteur

13. Ride With Us


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Scandinavian Leather

"Scandinavian Leather" is the sixth record by Turbonegro, the band that sparked the Scandinavian Rock Explosion. Their sound captures a powerful but elusive quality that can best be described as "darkness" and the term "death-punk" has been coined to describe it. Despite their disbanding under infamous circumstances in 1998, Turbonegro have continued to inspire many copy cat bands and have endured as a major force in the global underground. "Scandinavian Leather" marks their triumphant return and is a testament to their lasting influence. These thirteen tracks leave you wanting more. No record collection will be complete without this classic.


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No: #82031

US Rel. Date: 05/06/2003

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Liza Hearon

Scandinavian Leather, the latest effort from Norwegian death metal powerhouse Turbonegro, really appeals to the masses. It's important to write hard-hitting...



Robert Burrow

In the four years since their disintegration in an Italian psychiatric ward, Turbonegro have grown from just another cult favourite to a full-blown, worldwide...


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