01. The Age Of Pamparius

02. Selfdestrocho Bust

MP303. Get It On

MP304. Rock Against Ass

05. Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker

06. Rendeavous With Anus

07. Zillion Dollar Sadist

08. Prince Of The Rodeo

09. Back To Dungaree High

10. Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)

11. Monkey On Your Back

12. Humiliation Street

13. Good Head


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Apocalypse Dudes

"Turbonegro cast one of the longest shadows in rock."
-David Grohl, Foo Fighters

"Apocalypse Dudes is probably the best album of the 90's!"

"Probably the most important European band ever."
-Jello Biafra

"Turbonegro? Best Band ever!
-Frank Kozik

"Something as truly great as Turbonegro happens only once every Century."
-Nicholaus Arson, The Hives

"Our very first gig was supporting Turbonegro 12 years ago. Now they are legendary, and we are still just Motorpsycho.

"Turbonegro made me finally realize that Norwegian creativity is not limited only to church burning and satan worshipping ..."
-Ville Vallo/HIM


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No: #82029

US Rel. Date: 02/25/2003

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Brandon Stosuy

Turbonegro Apocalypse Dudes Rating: 8.6/10 Before the hype, I unknowingly stumbled upon Turbonegro's daunting physiognomy when a friend, visiting...


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Average Fan Rating: 5.00




Not that punk, but who...

It sounds a whole lot like heavy metal, but even though I ussually despise metal, I still think Turbonegro's the best. Lyrics are gross-out awesome.

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