01. Intro DTPR

02. Begging For Mercy

MP303. On My Way

04. Warpath

MP305. From Here And On

06. Almost Free

07. Out Of The Cold

08. My Own War

09. Untitled

MP310. By The Blink Of An Eye

11. Crossroads

12. Dream, Dream, Dream

13. Cheated Again


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From Here And On
Bombshell Rocks

Bombshell Rocks are back with another thrilling anthem-filled punk album. Their third album is a mighty fine cross between their early style, and a more melodic punkrock style.

The choruses (as usual) are slick and smart, and "From Here And On" without doubt offer some of the catchiest punkrock this side of giants as Bad Religion, Green Day, Stiff Little Fingers and The Clash.

Another step forward from this band who can soon be seen touring non-stop in support of this album.


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No: #82027

US Rel. Date: 01/21/2003

Type: Full


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