MP301. One Note

MP302. Rudd

03. Bishop's Son

04. City Of Glass

05. Pop Group

06. Belgravia

07. Sink Venice

08. After This

09. At The Lodge

10. Here We Go Again

11. May B 1 Day

12. Video Clip Show


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Chat And Business
Ikara Colt

NME: "Business is unusual Business is good. Un-marketable, un-mouldable, un-fuckable: Ikara Colt exist because 99.9 percent of everything else is shit and getting shittier. We are at the absolute other end of the spectrum from Stereophonics here. "Chat And Business" is based on the Colt's oft-expressed and entirely admirable opinion that after five years, all bands should be taken out and shot. Before they get old, fat, smug and soft-handed. No compromises made to daytime radio play - all you get is relentless minimalism and a spitting hatred of pop mediocrity.

Put it this way, if you don't loathe Starsailor and Travis with every fibre of your being, then there's no fucking chance what so bleeding ever you'll like Ikara Colt. They're a sort of twat filter. And this, by the very fact of its existence is brilliant."


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No: #86662

US Rel. Date: 11/12/2002

EU Rel. Date: 10/14/2002

Type: Full


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Alternative Press


"The most exciting collection of U.K. post-punk...12 tracks of trebly white heat that'll get you so revved up, you won't know whether to fuck or to fight."




"Insane genius"


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